Itay Bracha, Adv.

Managing Partner
Head of Taxation and Banking, Trusts and Estate planning Dept

Adv. Itay Bracha is the managing partner of Bracha & Co. and heads the taxation and banking department in the firm and also serves as the head of the trust and intergenerational transfer department.

Itay specializes in the field of civil and criminal taxation, anti-money laundering, voluntary disclosure and launching points between them and the banking system, and has in-depth expertise in the field of trusts and taxation of trusts and transfer planning between Dorit and provides professional, personal and reliable legal assistance to its clients in various Israeli and international tax matters. Tax authorities and banks, tax litigation and providing creative solutions in tax planning and ongoing accompaniment.

Adv. Bracha accompanies many wealthy families from around the world with a combined value of billions of dollars.


Yariv Aviram, CPA and Jurist

Head of the International Taxation and Information Exchange Department

CPA Yariv Aviram heads the firm’s international taxation and information exchange department.

Yariv is one of the greatest experts in the country when it comes to international taxation and information exchange in Israel and around the world. As such, Yariv holds unique and in-depth professional expertise in these areas, which he has developed while fulfilling many and varied roles over the course of nearly two decades in the Tax Authority.

Yariv has held a number of senior positions in the International Taxation Unit of the Tax Authority, including as director of the tax art department in the professional department, in which he participated in discussions on tax treaties that Israel has signed over the years. In addition, Yariv served as Director of Information Exchange at the Tax Authority, a senior and fascinating position that includes daily work with and in front of 54 treaty countries and other countries that have signed and joined the implementation of the Multilateral Convention. Information exchange, on-demand information transfer, automated information including FATCA, CRS and multilateral treaties, transfer pricing, rolling exchanges between countries as well as handling aggressive tax planning and other practical aspects of information exchange.


Benny (Baruch) Yona, CPA

Head of Corporate Taxation, Capital Market and Investment

CPA Benny (Baruch) Yona is the head of the Corporate Taxation, Capital Market and Investment Department at Bracha & Co.

Former Director of the Capital Market Taxation Department at the Tax Authority for many years and has 22 years of experience with the Tax Authority.

Benny specializes in corporate taxation, issues, taxation of commercial companies, financial investments, virtual currencies, and complex and complex financial taxation issues.

Prior to joining Bracha & Co., Benny gained unique and unprecedented experience, having led the Capital Markets Department of the Israeli Tax Authority for many years and with great success. In his role as head of the Benny Capital Market Department he was entrusted with decisions on taxation issues of financial institutions, public bodies as well as private companies.


Sraya Nagar, Adv.

Adv. Saria Nagar is a member of the firm’s tax department.

As part of his work, Saria provides comprehensive and ongoing legal advice and guidance regarding the field of taxes for individuals and companies, as well as in the field of real estate taxation.

Has about seven years of experience as a tax lawyer


Rami Bracha, CPA

Tax department advisor

CPA Rami Bracha serves as an external consultant in the field of accounting and taxation for the firm.

Rami specializes in tax planning, accompaniment and business consulting in raising capital in Israel and around the world for small and large companies.

Over the years, Rami has gained unique, rich and diverse experience when he headed the well-known and esteemed accounting firm in Israel and served for many years as an accountant and business advisor to senior businessmen and large and leading companies in the Israeli economy.