Itay Bracha, Adv.

Manager Partner
Tax department manager

Adv. Itay Bracha is the managing partner at the Bracha & Co. law firm, and the head of the firm’s tax and voluntary disclosure departments.

Itay specialises in both the civil and the criminal tax practice areas, as well as anti-money laundering and voluntary disclosure procedures. In this framework, Itay provides his clients with a wide range of ongoing tax-related legal services, including representation before tax authorities and financial institutions both in Israel and abroad, while constantly striving to find the most creative and beneficial solutions and tax plans for his clients.

Over the years, Itay has managed a considerable number of voluntary disclosure proceedings in Israel, Europe and North America, involving dozens of millions USD.


Yariv Aviram, CPA and Jurist

Head of the International Tax and Information Exchange Department

Yariv Aviram (CPA) is a partner at Bracha & Co., and the head of the firm’s International Tax and Information Exchange department.

Yariv is included among Israel’s foremost experts in the field of international tax information exchange. As such, Yariv holds a distinctive professional specialisation in all aspects of these practice areas, developed in the scope of various functions fulfilled over the course of more than two decades at the Israeli Tax Authority.

Yariv served in a number of senior positions at the International Tax Unit at the Israeli Tax Authority, including as head of the International Tax Treaty department, in the scope of which he participated in numerous conferences and discussions regarding tax treaties signed by Israel.

יריב אבירם

Benny (Baruch) Yona, CPA

Head of the Capital Markets Tax Department

CPA Benny (Baruch) Yona is the head of the firm’s Capital Markets Tax Department.

Benny specialises in corporate tax, IPO’s, financial investments, cryptocurrencies and a wide array of other complex financial and tax matters.

Prior to joining Bracha & Co., Benny garnered substantial unique professional expertise spending many years as the head of the Capital Markets Department in the Israel Tax Authority. In this scope, Benny managed some of the most complex legal and tax issues involving leading financial institutions, public organisations and private companies.


Tuviya Yaeger, Adv.

Head of the Indirect Tax, Tax Offenses, and Anti-Money Laundering Department

Adv. Tuviya Yaeger is the head of the firm’s Indirect Tax, Tax Offenses, and Anti-Money Laundering Department.

Tuviya holds a unique professional specialisation in all aspects of indirect taxes and financial crimes, with a strong focus on the provision of legal representation in various types of both criminal and civil tax law cases, before all authorities and court instances.

Tuviya developed his professional specialisation during the many years during which he served in an array of central positions in the Israel Tax Authority.


Yigal Elkobi, Adv.

Head of the National Insurance Department

Adv. Yigal Elkobi is the head of our firm’s National Insurance Department.

Yigal possesses a unique professional specialisation in the field of national social security, including aspects involving tax law, labour law, and bodily injury, and he holds rich and extensive experience in providing legal advice and representation to corporate and private clients from both Israel and abroad.

Yigal developed his wide-ranging professional expertise during the many years in which he directed various departments within the Israeli National Insurance Institute.


Sraya Nagar, Adv.

Adv. Sraya Nagar is a member of the firm’s commercial and real estate departments.

In this framework, Sraya provides the firm’s clients with comprehensive and ongoing legal services regarding various types of real estate transactions, including sales and combination transactions, urban renewal projects, and more.

שריה נגר

Merav Shahar, Adv.

Commercial and real estate department manager

Adv. Merav Shachar is a partner at Bracha & Co., and the head of the Banking and Real Estate departments.

Merav is one of Israel’s foremost attorneys in the commercial law practice area, specialising in banking and real estate law.

Merav holds broad experience in granting extensive ongoing legal advice and representation to her clients on a wide range of commercial transactions. In this scope, Merav has achieved notable success in representing various business corporations before the different court instances, both in Israel and internationally, regarding diverse types of commercial, civil, and banking-related lawsuits.


Rami Bracha, CPA

Tax department advisor

Rami Bracha is an external accounting and tax consultant to the Bracha & Co. law firm.

Rami specialises in tax planning and business consultancy regarding capital raising in Israel and abroad.

Over the years, Rami gained unique extensive experience as the head of a renowned Israeli accountancy firm, while also acting as a business, tax, and accounting consultant for some of the most distinguished businessmen and commercial corporations.


Yossef Hanimov, CPA


Yossef Hanimov is the firm’s bookkeeper and financial advisor.

Yossef possesses substantial professional experience in the different aspects of the bookkeeping and accountancy practice fields. In this framework, Yossef provides financial advice to both private and public companies, as well as bookkeeping services and tax advice. In addition, Yossef specialises in conducting financial scrutiny proceedings for companies with financial cycles of over 100 million NIS.