Bracha & Co. Law Firm


The Bracha & Co. law firm is a professional boutique law firm, and one of the leading Israeli law firms in the tax and anti-money laundering practice areas.

The firm is led by Adv. Itay Bracha, renowned for his profound professional knowledge in the fields of civil and criminal tax, anti-money laundering, and voluntary disclosure procedures, both in Israel and abroad. The firm’s unique professional collaboration with one of Israel’s most distinguished accountancy firms allows it to provide comprehensive legal services founded on creative and strategic thinking, taking into account all aspects of the client’s needs.

The Bracha & Co. law firm provides a wide range of legal services to both private and corporate clients, covering all facets of tax and tax-related practice areas, providing a complete and holistic solution to various types of cases. In addition, the firm accompanies clients in voluntary disclosure procedures in over eighteen different countries worldwide.

The firm specialises in finding and developing creative legal solutions to the wide array of complex issues inherent to this practice field, while offering a broad spectrum of services, including:

• Tax Planning and designing
• Assistance in selecting a tailor-made legal tax strategy
• Professional opinions on tax and tax-related matters
• Legal representation before all court instances
• Voluntary disclosure procedures
• Solutions to problems involving anti-money laundering laws
• Legal advice on banking and finance
• Legal advice on real-estate matters
• Legal advice on civil tax matters

and many more tax-related legal services.

The firm’s carefully selected team of attorneys provides the firm’s clients with first-rate professional legal services, accompanying the clients and striving for excellence in every step of the process, while employing exceptional professional know-how in order to achieve the best possible results.

The firm’s clients include some of the largest and best-known commercial companies – both Israeli companies and international companies operating in Israel – as well as private individuals and international capital investors, all of whom recognise and appreciate the firm’s attorneys’ unique professional expertise in all tax-related practice areas.

Prior to handling a case, the team thoroughly analyses all relevant considerations before formulating the optimal plan of action, while ensuring full transparency and cooperation with the client.

The firm has developed exclusive professional relations with a broad network of distinguished international law firms as a result of its substantial international operations, namely in Europe and in North-America.

The tax and anti-money laundering practice area is exceptionally complex, and one that is subject to constant changes and adjustments. Within those confines, the firm’s team provides a unique combination of extensive experience, outstanding professional aptitude, and uncompromising dedication to achieve the optimal results for the firm’s clients.

Business financial Advisors

Our firm maintains ongoing collaborations with some of the leading experts in the field of accountancy, enabling us to take into account the legal, corporate, and financial perspective of each case and to offer our clients a complete and holistic service.
These collaborations also help our firm evaluate the economic and commercial profitability in various commercial and real estate transactions, enabling us to design and create optimal tax efficient business structures for our clients.

Moreover, our firm serves as a meeting point for international investors and both Israeli and foreign entrepreneurs in an effort to promote mutual transactions under the best legal guidance available.


Our firm views uncompromising professionalism as a top priority, and our team is carefully selected and assembled according to standards of professional expertise and proficiency, with each of the firm’s partners holding a unique specialisation in the firm’s different practice areas.
The team’s composition allows us to provide comprehensive legal services of the highest standard, accompanying our clients in every step of the way, and places our firm at the forefront of the tax, real estate, and commercial law practice areas.

Creative Thinking

The tax, anti-money laundering, real estate and commercial law practice areas are inherently exceptionally complex and constantly subject to constant changes and adjustments. Our team’s extensive professional experience and proficiency regarding the relevant legislature enables us to exercise original and creative thinking, taking into account the full range of considerations of a given case in order to devise an appropriate solution that answers all the client’s needs.
The work is conducted in full and transparent cooperation with the client so as to formulate the optimal plan of action that is to deliver the client’s desired results.

International Experience

Bracha & Co., maintains strong professional relations and exclusive collaborations with a broad network of internationally leading law and accounting firms, primarily in Europe and North America. These collaborations grant our firm a significant professional advantage in handling our international clients’ cases.
Our varied international operations include both private and commercial cases, in which the firm provides legal advice and representation in matters of civil and criminal tax, real estate and commercial law, as well as voluntary disclosure proceedings in over 18 different countries