Bracha & Co. Law Firm


Bracha & Co. is the leading tax boutique in Israel and is continuously ranked by the Israeli and international rating guides as a leading tax office with three generations of tax expertise.

The firm is made up of lawyers and accountants, many of whom are from the Tax Authority and the State Attorney’s Office, who have extensive professional knowledge, many years of experience inside and outside the system, creativity, thinking outside the box and human relations at the highest level.

The firm provides its clients with advisory and representation services before the tax authorities and in all legal courts, providing legal opinions, obtaining preliminary decisions (pre-rolling), establishing tax planning and achieving optimal tax arrangements in all areas of taxation, including income tax, international taxation, crypto taxation, Corporate taxation , real estate taxation, trust  and estate planning, voluntary disclosure, M&A taxation, civil and criminal tax litigation and more.

The firm’s professionalism, extensive experience and success and high service consciousness have made the firm home to hundreds of its clients, including public and private companies, financial institutions, Israeli and international banks and insurance companies, start-ups and high-tech Israeli and multinational companies, holding and investing companies, local authorities, associations and non-profits. ” Construction companies and infrastructure companies, wealthy individuals and families from Israel and around the world, and more.

The firm’s activities cover twenty countries around the world through close ties with some of the largest law and accounting firms in the world, connecting to the Jewish communities and a wide clientele in these countries.

In addition, the firm provides professional advice and guidance for accounting firms and lawyers, large and small, in the field of taxation and is active in the various taxation committees in the Bar Association and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

International Activity

Bracha & Co. maintains close ties and exclusive collaborations with a wide network of the best law firms and accountants in the world, with an emphasis on Europe and North America and Asia.

These collaborations give the firm a significant professional advantage in the comprehensive and thorough care of its international clients.

The firm represents a large number of multinational companies and provides them with comprehensive taxation services – representation in pre-rolling proceedings, issuing opinions, tax arrangements, employee compensation and options, incentive laws and incentives, VAT, restructuring – mergers, splits and acquisitions, permanent establishment, transfer prices , Mobility and loan of employees and more.


The firm considers uncompromising professionalism to be of paramount value, and the firm’s staff is selected with extreme care and with an emphasis on skill and professional proficiency, with each of the firm’s partners bearing unique expertise in the firm’s various areas of practice.

This unique composition allows the firm to provide its clients with a comprehensive envelope service of the highest standards, with full availability and close accompaniment at every step of the process, and places the firm at the forefront when it comes to the tax field in all its shades.

Business- Taxation Intelligence

Most of the firm’s employees are former tax authority employees in senior positions who have excellent, day-to-day relationships with PA officials.

Working for years on the part of the Tax Authority and the transition to the civil side, constitute a huge advantage for the firm’s clients. In each and every case, the firm’s employees act strategically and knowing how the PA employee thinks, which points will be examined and what emphasis will be placed on the handling of the case before the PA.

This prior knowledge constitutes a kind of business-tax intelligence which in many cases leads to the best tax results for the client and is considered one of the firm’s great strengths.

Creative thinking

“There is no unsolvable problem”

The tax field is broad and applies to almost every business-economic step in life. Often multiple knowledge of tax laws is insufficient and creative thinking is also required. In light of this, and from many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the various laws, the firm’s staff knows how to apply original creative thinking that takes into account all the considerations of the case, and provides a solution to the client’s needs.

All work is carried out in full cooperation with the client, with an emphasis on personal attitude and transparency, in order to formulate the optimal plan of action that will lead to the desired results for the client.