Our firm provides comprehensive legal services to leading banks and financial institutions in Israel and around the world, handling all tax-related aspects of their operations. Moreover, the legal team provides legal representation in a wide range of legal proceedings, including various litigation procedures before all court instances, as well as complex claims involving substantial capital and class actions.

Our legal team holds rich and extensive experience in leading both Israeli and international financial institutions through a variety of legal issues and proceedings, including large-scale investments of different types, as well as the drafting of professional legal opinions concerning the possible consequences of taxation and regulation on our clients’ various ventures and enterprises.

Furthermore, the firm offers legal representation to both private individuals and commercial companies, before banks in cases of asset freezing, international money transfers, and more. The team, comprised of a unique combination of legal, economic, and accounting experts, is highly proficient with regard to the various proceedings relevant to this practice area, including negotiations with banks, debt settlements, and many more. Our firm’s profound professional acquaintance with banks and financial institutions, combined with the team’s considerable experience and substantial knowledge in this field, allows us to lead our clients to the best possible results, time and time again.

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