Voluntary Disclosure

The voluntary disclosure department at the Bracha & Co. law firm is widely regarded among the most experienced and specialised departments in this practice area.

The voluntary disclosure procedure is a unique niche practice within the Israeli tax law practice area, requiring profound and extensive knowledge of the material, combined with creative thinking and thorough planning capabilities.

The firm’s legal team holds an exclusive specialisation in the comprehensive management of all phases of the voluntary disclosure procedure, starting from the initial phases of tracking down capital source documents, through the managing and handling of the proceedings before the various authorities, and finally bringing the case to a close while paying the lowest sum possible.

Our team is highly experienced in carrying out this procedure in an utmost reliable manner, while maintaining full discretion and striving for the absolute best results for our clients.

The Bracha & Co. law firm is renowned across the Israeli legal market for its distinctive combination of profound professional knowledge with regard to the voluntary disclosure practice, uncompromising professionalism, and extensive experience.

This exceptional combination has led the firm to numerous notable and often precedential results over the years, in hundreds of voluntary disclosure cases in Israel, North America, and Europe, involving dozens and hundreds of millions NIS. As a result, today, the firm garners recommendations from the American tax authorities, as well as from a number of leading European financial institutions.

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